Personal Injury Law At Work

Your employer has legal obligations towards you. This is especially regarding health and safety at work, and providing a safe workplace. Often any accident at work arises due to employer negligence –or the negligence of a colleague. However, the legal concept of employer’s liability means that the employer in most cases is held liable for an accident or injury at work.

As such, you the injured employee can make a claim for compensation. It is a civil law matter, and requires that certain tests are met- especially that the accident at work was not your fault, and happened within the last three years.

During the time that the legal claim is making its way through court, you are also protected. Your employer cannot discriminate you for making a legal claim against them. Similarly, your future prospects and position in your place of work are legally protected whilst making any legal or compensation claim. Of course, there might be ill will or bad feelings- but that cannot translate into how you are treated at work during and after any litigation. During any legal proceedings, both sides should remember that it is not personal.

Also, in many cases regarding accidents at work, liability has already been legally established early on. As such, it is often a case of deciding upon compensation. Your employer should have adequate employer’s liability insurance for just this purpose. As such, it is often two competing insurance companies battling it out before the courts- not you and your employer.

Another important point to remember is that the legal rights regarding accidents at work apply to all employees equally. Whether disabled or able bodied, you the employee have legal rights and protections following an accident at work.